About us

Our identity

Humans have always been on the move. And day after day, the experience of traveling thanks to technology- became much easier and effortless.

At “Amyal” we believe that traveling is an art and we gladly help you master it. By providing an excellent electronic service that would make travel an unforgettable memory.

Our Mission

Nowadays, electronic travel platforms became the first choice for explorers and holidaymakers. In the past, planning a vacation required a visit to a traveling agency. However, today you can arrange it from A to Z while drinking a cup of coffee and laying on your favorite fluffy couch!

“Amyal” are not claiming perfectionism, even though we strive for it every day.We go beyond and above, using the newest planning techniques for each type of trips, as well as ensuring a smooth customer experience in the age of digital information. Customer service is a priority for us, so we are aiming to communicate with our clients through social media, in order to ensure satisfaction and contentment throughout the whole customer journey.

Our Values

Ethics and values are the fundamental pillars of any outstanding work. Realizing this, lead us to choose our values carefully. Therefore, we have set six pillars which are: integrity, transparency, fidelity, quality, affordable price, and improving the staff and service mechanisms. We believe that by implementing these values, it would help us accomplish an excellent service and achieve an outstanding customer journey.

Our Services

Maybe you are preparing for a lovely honeymoon, or planning for an unforgettable vacation. Perhaps you are a businessman, or an adventurer seeking the ultimate experience. We in “Amyal” are going to be by your side, from the moment you pack your suitcase, until the time you arrive back home

Tell “Amyal” about the activity you love to do.Then, just sit back and relax, and let us do the work! If you are traveling as an individual, or within a group, you don’t need to worry about Visas, seat reservation, transportation, accommodation arrangements, organizing group tours, exhibitions and conferences.

Thank you for choosing “Amyal”.Your leisure, our happiness. Be ready to embrace the ultimate travel experience.