Terms and conditions


To confirm the reservation, the amount of the reservation must be paid in full. Reservations pending availability once confirmed have a maximum period of 72 hours. to make the full payment (for AA.VV the maximum term to make the payment will be 1 week in advance since the reservation is confirmed).


According to international standards, hotel rooms are available from midday on the day of arrival until noon on the day of departure. To make sure that your room is available if you arrive at dawn you need to have booked it from noon of the previous day. Example: if it arrives in the early hours of August 2, the reservation should be made on August 1.


1. The client / user will be responsible for the authenticity of the information provided to the system for the realization of the reservation, and especially for the veracity of the data referring to credit cards.

2. The customer / user will be responsible for the email address and / or other forms of contact, which will be considered as true for any type of notification.

3. The client / user authorizes the establishment / s of their choice to charge against their credit card the total amount at the time of confirmation of the reservation, and / or cancellation and / or modification costs if any the terms that appear published on this web page.

4. Make sure before confirming the reservation definitively and proceed to your payment that you have chosen exactly what you want, since the services to be received will be solely and exclusively those that appear in the confirmation of the same, and later they may be impossible to modify .

5. Any modification and / or cancellation of your reservation must be made through the system through the locator provided in your service voucher.

6. The reservation contract will be understood to be made between the client and the establishment / s chosen, being WEBCLIENT a mere marketing platform, and not providing hotel service, guides, receptive, etc. any.

7. WEBCLIENT is limited to the publication of information, descriptions, prices and other information provided by hotels, not being responsible in any way for the veracity of the same or its accuracy, or any other aspect. Any complaint regarding these should be made to the establishment / s in question.

8. The confirmation of your reservation made automatically by the system, is subject to the collection of the amounts owed against your credit card by the hotel, and if the collection is not possible, can be canceled at any time, prior notice to the email address provided by you.

9. Cancellation of the reservation may result in expenses depending on the following conditions:

· • 21 days before the client arrives at the hotel: 100% refund of the payment made.

· • between 21 and 8 days before the arrival of the client at the hotel: penalty of 15% of the payment made

· • last 7 days before the arrival of the client at the hotel and no show: penalty of 100% of the reservation.

10. Any discrepancy that may arise between the user and WEBCLIENT, be subject to the legislation in force in the Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands, and / or the jurisdiction of its competent authorities and / or Courts.

11. The information provided by you is strictly confidential, and will be provided only and exclusively to the hotel / s of your choice, and not be used for any purpose other than this by WEBCLIENT. Even so, WEBCLIENTE can not be held responsible for the use of this information by the establishment (s) of its choice, limiting itself to assuming the diligence of the same in its use and custody.

12. The information contained on this website may contain errors of transcription, translation, and / or misprints of any other type, computer, operation, and / or similar faults, for which no responsibility will be accepted.

13. At the time of confirmation of the reservation you will be asked to accept these general conditions, which will be understood as the only valid ones, being subject to them any reservation and / or modification of it.

14. Any notification to WEBCLIENTE.com must be made by means of the telephone, fax and / or e-mail addresses that appear on this web page, being the only ones valid for it